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How It Works?

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Explore in-depth manuals for every feature, ensuring you can utilize all aspects of our system efficiently.

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Step-by-step tutorials to guide you through common tasks and advanced functions for a smooth operation.

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Access direct support for your queries and concerns, plus a robust feedback mechanism to hear your voice.

How It Works

We've streamlined the process to make your transition or upgrade effortless and seamless.


Sign up

Choose your service plan and level of support, then sign up and follow the simple account setup steps.


Configure & Integrate

Set up your business page, operating hours, services, staff, and workflows to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.


Go Live

Review and finalise your setup. Once everything is in place, go live and start accepting bookings.


Optimise & Improve

Continuously review reports and customer feedback to fine-tune your operations, add automations, and enhance your services.